January Taylorsville High Power Launch Report

Published on January 27, 2020

Favorable weather but very difficult field conditions welcomed thirty participants and family members to the January 26th Taylorsville high power launch event.  Range setup was challenged by a rain-saturated field and a long haul from the SoAR equipment trailer to the launch area.  Once underway there were seventy-four launches accomplished.

The many high-powered flights made the day exciting for all of those who attended.  Although recoveries were made more difficult by the soggy conditions, the soft ground also helped prevent or minimize damage when things didn’t go as well as planned.  With some upper level winds from the west there were a few rockets that drifted beyond the field perimeter when reaching the highest altitudes.

We greatly appreciate Chris’ Rocket Supplies for being our onsite vendor and a big thanks to those who volunteered to help with range setup and take down.  [Event photos by Kevin Boyd]  [Additional Event Photos]

Motor Ignition Counts:

  • A – 6
  • B – 9
  • C – 12
  • D – 12
  • E – 8
  • F – 12
  • G – 10
  • H – 13
  • I – 0
  • J – 2