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Most of our launches are open to the public and free to attend. You can come and just watch, or you can join in!  Starter sets and kits suitable for ages 8 to adult are available at local stores.  You don’t need a launcher or launch system — we provide that!  We can show you how to set up your rocket, and one of our on-site vendors can provide engines (we call em’ motors!) and any other last minute supplies.

Latest News

October Dawsonville Launch This Saturday

October Dawsonville Launch This Saturday

SoAR's October launch at the pasture between Ball Ground and Dawsonville will be this Saturday, from 11 AM to 4 PM. Note the new winter hours (though the next Mill Springs launch will still be summer hours). This will be the last Dawsonville launch until at least January, due to Turkey & GRITS, and Christmas. This is our mid-power field, where rockets up to G power can be flown. It is very...

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David Klinkman, 1958-2021

David Klinkman, 1958-2021

For those of you who were with SoAR when we supported NSL 2008 in Orangeburg, you will remember David Klinkman. David single-handedly designed and constructed the main launch controller we used from 2008 until we purchased the Wilson F/X system.  The Wilson cost around $6k to give you an idea of the value David provided to SoAR. David's 32-pad computerized launch controller for SoAR David...

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October Mill Springs Launch Report

October Mill Springs Launch Report

The October 9th Mill Springs launch event began with some morning fog parked across the field keeping visibility a bit limited, but soon after the event start time the mist moved along, and a beautiful Fall afternoon got underway. There were twenty participants who accomplished a total of ninety-four launches. Winds were absent for the morning hours allowing for straight up ascents and straight...

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About SoAR

Who are we?

SoAR is the National Association of Rocketry chartered club for model rocket enthusiasts in North Georgia. For twenty-four years we have provided a proving ground for techniques, training, and safe launch support. SoAR welcomes all ages and skill levels.

What are sport rockets?

In simplest terms, a sport rocket is a flying model that takes off vertically under rocket power, climbing to great heights before deploying a parachute or other recovery method to slow the return of the model to the ground, ready to fly again. These models can be a few inches tall and weigh less than an ounce, or they can be up to 20 feet tall and weigh over 500 pounds.

Where do we launch?

We meet at Mill Springs Academy in Milton on the second Saturday of each month to fly model rockets.  Because that field is a bit on the small side, we try to meet again on the fourth Saturday at a larger field to fly larger model rockets.  That might be near Dawsonville, Taylorsville, or it may be in South Georgia (where the really big fields are!).

Where Can I Fly My Rocket?

A dilemma faced by many: “I, or my son or daughter, received a model rocket for Christmas (or birthday, or graduation, or other occasion). Where do we go to launch it?”  So here is a short guide to flying a model rocket in the metro Atlanta area.

First of all, understand that most park systems in the metro area have rules against flying objects of any type. Sometimes you can go fly a rocket or two in your local park, but at some point a friendly park or police officer will come by and say you can’t do that.

That said, there is one park where we have gotten assurances that model rockets are allowed: Garrard Landing Park on Holcomb Bridge Rd near the Chattahoochee River. The entrance to the park is in front of the Johns Creek Environmental Campus; just follow the signs back to the park. Garrard Landing is suitable for the average Estes beginner rockets.

Schools, church athletic fields, and, of course, private property can sometimes be used if you approach the appropriate people first.

The best advice we can give is for you to wait and attend one of SoAR’s launches, where you don’t have to worry about permission, or even whether your launch equipment works, since we provide it, along with free recovery wadding (if you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry)!

We try to have two launches a month: one in Alpharetta for smaller model rockets, and one at another location for all model rockets. And then we have our GRITS launch in south Georgia at Thanksgiving for rockets of all types.

And keep checking the web site. You never know when we’ll find other locations where we can fly.